Welcome to SHINBUKAN

Welcome to the central site of the original Japanese martial arts "Shinbukan". Shinbukan welcomes your entry to this site.



Follow our latest news and announcements, including ceremonies, tests, meetings, camps, etc Here. And here is the only valid place for our news in this section

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تماس با ما

Contact us

To see the location of the association's head office and ways to contact the head office, as well as to use Google Maps to access our location, please visit this section.

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درباره ما

About us

Shinbukan is one of the most reputable teaching centers in Iran which provides training in four genuine Japanese martial arts: Karate (Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate do Kyokai & IKO. Group) Kendo ( AJKF / FIK ) Kendo Federation........

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